Salt and Light – March 18

Greetings from Debrecen,

Thank you all so much for praying for us this week! Please continue! God is giving us clarity. Arianna arrived safely back on campus and had an amazing week sharing the Gospel and serving others. Thank you for praying for her as well. Last night we had a surprise ice/snow storm! I really didn’t want to wear my boots this morning to church but there was just too much snow. Darrel had a great conversation with “D,” who has some questions about the Bible. We are thankful for some friends who helped us get our van registered in Missouri and made sure it was in good condition for Arianna.  It was one of the hard things of not being in the States for stuff like that, but we’re thankful for our church family that was willing to bless us and Arianna. Thank you for praying for us at this time!

Please continue to pray:

  • “D,” that he would have an increased curiosity about the Bible and want to know more.
  • “G,” that she would have a desire to know God and an openness to talk about God.
  • “J,” “I,” and “K,” young people that God has sent into our lives who do not know Jesus.
  • That “S” would focus on the Lord and seek His direction for his life.

Thank you!

One of His servants,

We are taking a short vacation next weekend so I will not be able to write a prayer e-mail. Asking God for refreshment and fun memories as a family.

Hungary 4 Him: Katelyn’s February update

March is here and the sun is shining! It’s been a few weeks since the sun has shone here. I pray that you are doing well and are enjoying some sunshine, too. I hear Oklahoma needs rain so I am praying God brings it! I have just under 3 months left of one-on-one lessons with students. These times are precious, as it is my main outreach with sharing the gospel with Hungarians. I am trying to remember that each moment counts and to cherish these moments that I have with my students. The sickness bug has been going around here so I haven’t had a full week of lessons since the New Year started.

I cherish your prayers. Keep them coming! If there is any way I can pray for you please let me know.


We had so much snow in February! I loved every minute of it. As I write this , the snow is beginning to melt and the sun is shining! Spring is most likely headed our way. With the snow, I was reminded how Christ washes our sins white as snow. With Spring on the way, I am reminded of new life in Christ. We will be able to see it all around us. This also brings a heavy burden to my heart. I so badly want to see Hungarians have new life in Christ. I am still working with “G” and “T” (sisters ) each week. However, “G” has told me she doesn’t want anything to do with God. She is still coming to lessons and to Bible study on Friday nights. I believe that God can change her heart and give her a heart for Him. “T” is still not open to talking about where she stands in believing in something more or not. My prayer is that they will both come to know the Lord before I leave but I know that it will happen in God’s timing.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for House Church. We have been having a steady number of 20-30 people each week. However, we still aren’t having anyone step up to help lead and begin the transition process from American teaching to Hungarian teaching.
  • Team Unity
  • We have had a steady group of 5-7 students coming for Youth Group on Fridays. Pray that their hearts would be open to hearing the Word and that they would bring their friends.
  • I am still teaching 14 students (15 hours) each week. Pray for the students I am working with. Tuesdays I work with “R,” “J,” and “A.” Wednesdays I have “G,” “L,” “P,” and “K.” Thursdays I am teaching “R,” “G,” and “G.” Fridays I have “G,” “M,” “T,” and “K.”
  • Please pray specifically for “T” and “G” to have softened hearts toward Him.
  • PRAISE! A boy named “B” came to know the Lord in the last few weeks! Pray for him as he begins discipleship with Meg.

Thank you for your support and prayers through my journey in Hungary.  If there is any way I can be praying for you, please let me know!

Salt and Light – March 11

Greetings from Debrecen,

Thank you for praying for us and the people God brings into our lives. God’s continuing work…… Our friend “G” came to English worship even though it was at the end, she still had the courage to come and stay for the fellowship time. Yeah! We have also had some good conversations. Darrel had the opportunity to preach this morning among a group of believers/seekers meeting in a school. They have been meeting once a month and there are no evangelical churches in the area. God is opening doors in the schools through Hungarian Baptist Aid. Arianna made it safely to South Padre Island and will be there until Friday. So this week Spring has decided to arrive and we are all feeling the effects of the beginning of allergy season. We are thankful for the warmer weather and the coming of Spring.

Please pray:

  • Protection and divine appointments for Arianna and a group of about 50 students who will be sharing the gospel on South Padre Island this week. Asking God to open hearts and for students who are ready to give their lives to Jesus.
  • God’s continued work in “G.’s” life and more opportunities to share with her.
  • Our friend “B” has the opportunity to connect with some Christians in a new town that she has moved to, pray that her boss will give her time off work so she can meet with them. Also that she would see clearly God’s direction and plans for her.
  • Abigail and Sophia would be encouraged spiritually and that they would see God’s hand in their lives.
  • Healing for all of us as we are struggling with allergies and sickness.

Thank you so much for praying! We cannot tell you how much we value your prayers for us especially at this time.

One of His servants,
Kimberly Hathcock


Visit from an old friend

From Gary & Carolyn Miller at The Debrecen Duo

We were so thankful for the time with our friend!

First of all, I apologize for not posting in so long – once again life and work got really busy (plus we have been catching every bug that’s going around) and I have neglected to keep you all updated.  There’s so much to tell you, but I’ll just have to catch you up bit by bit.

One wonderful thing that happened about a week ago was a visit from an old friend!  A young man that came faithfully for many years to the outreach coffeehouse we used to have, who has since graduated and gone on to work in another city, was back in town and came over for tea and a chat.  It was great to catch up with him.  He shared how much the coffeehouse meant to him and about some other things that have been happening in his life.  The Lord opened up the opportunity to talk with him about spiritual things, so pray for this dear friend, that God will continue to work in his life.  Also pray for the many, many others who came to coffeehouse over the years and heard a gospel message, that wherever they are now God will keep working in their hearts.

We are so thankful for our Hungarian friends, as well as those from all around the world whom God has brought into our lives, and how much they mean to us!  What a blessing to be able to stay in touch, and especially when we can get together in person!

Salt and Light – March 4

Greetings from snowy Debrecen,

God’s continuing to work in the lives of people in Debrecen.  This week was one of the coldest weeks of this winter, as well as having a pretty significant snow fall. We are encouraged by the work that God is doing in people’s lives and burdened by some of the difficult situations that people are facing. The evangelistic drama had a full house for their performances and many people made decisions. The girls had a productive week! I was able to see Alyssa’s new baby, Joshua, and he is so cute! Both mom and baby are healthy and doing well. We also had more opportunities to share with “G” and “J” this weekend.

Please continue to pray,

  • A Hungarian couple who have struggled with infertility are in the process of adoption. Pray that God would direct their decisions and that God would place just the right child into this family.
  • Another couple we know have some big struggles in their marriage. Pray for God to give them wisdom, healing and receptive hearts. This is a serious situation and would appreciate your prayers for this family.
  • Encouragement for “S,” a friend, that he would hunger for God and make wise decisions that will help him to grow in his relationship with God.
  • A friend of ours from Dubai whose father is Hindu and mother is Christian. Pray that her father, “R,” would have an open heart to the things of God and become a Christian.
  • Arianna is leaving Friday for South Padre Island to serve with Beach Reach. Pray that God would give her protection, boldness to share the gospel and that she would follow the leading of the Holy Spirit for the words she needs to share.

Thank you so much for praying!

One of His servants,
Kimberly Hathcock

“May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace as you trust in Him.” Romans 15:13